Sax for Saturday, July 12, 2014

Here’s what’s on an encore edition of Randy’s Vinyl Tap for 12/13 July 2014... originally aired 09/10 Nov 2013: Randy Bachman continues his look at some great saxophone players and tunes this week on another summer encore edition of Vinyl Tap. The instrument was patented in 1846 by a Belgian clarinetist and instrument-maker named Adolphe Sax. He wanted to create an instrument that combined the versatility of the woodwinds with the volume of the brass and boy, did he succeed. Over the years the sax has been just as much at home in a loud marching band or an intimate jazz club. And it is a popular instrument in rock and roll as we'll hear in tunes from Pink Floyd, INXS, Billy Joel, Wham, The Rolling Stones, Van Morrison, Glen Frey and many others. So for a new sensation be sure to tune in to the Tap.

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